Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order medical cannabis?

Once Agrima Botanicals has obtained the ACMPR sales license, you can then proceed to register with us. Upon completing registration you can view our products through our website. Ordering can then be done online once logged into your personal account.

How much medical cannabis can I order at one time?

The federal maximum limit a person can obtain per order is 150 grams of medical cannabis. Keep in mind that patients can only possess 30 times their daily prescription at any point.

How often can I order medical cannabis?

You can order as often as you please so long as you do not exceed your monthly allowance.

How will my medicine be shipped?

Agrima Botanicals will ship your order quickly and discreetly via Canada Post.

Can I pick up my medical cannabis order at your campus?

ACMPR regulations do not allow for licensed producers to operate as a storefront selling cannabis.

Will I get an official authorization to possess my medical cannabis?

Each label affixed to the package will be personalized with client information, this additional label will be your official authorization to possess your medicine.

Is there an expiration date for my medical cannabis?

Currently there is no data to suggest a specific “expiry date”. We recommend that you store your medicine in a cool, dark location for optimal results.

What strains does Agrima Botanicals carry?

Check out our products to view the currently available strains, we do our absolute best to provide you with a variety of strains ranging in potencies.

How do I know your cannabis is chemical free?

It is our responsibility – as well as passion – to provide you with the highest quality medical cannabis. We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards and have implemented strict quality assurance protocol for each aspect of production. We test each batch in-house along with independent third-party testing as required by Health Canada.

Does cannabis have a DIN (Drug Identification Number) for insurance coverage purposes?

At this point in time the answer is unfortunately no. This will change once Health Canada classifies medical cannabis as a prescription drug.

Does my insurance cover medical marijuana?

Currently most insurance plans do not cover medical marijuana. However, some plans do cover medical cannabis and we encourage you to contact your insurance company for details.

What pesticides do you use?

Agrima Botanicals does not use pesticides in its growing procedures.

How much cannabis can I legally carry with me at any given time?

At any given time a patient can possess a maximum of 30 times the daily quantity of dried cannabis as prescribed by their healthcare practitioner, or a maximum of 150 grams.