Position:                                Microbiologist

Report to:                               Head Scientist


Agrima Botanicals is on the leading edge of cannabis science and is seeking an experienced Microbiologist to supplement support in the science department and establish a Quality Assurance (QA) program.  Conducting research into the nature, cause and control of cannabis plant diseases and promoting product quality, the successful candidate will have a good understanding of the biology of the cannabis plant and demonstrate proficiency with various microbiological and molecular techniques and equipment.


Job Description:


Your daily responsibilities will include:


  • Develop, plan and conduct a variety of research experiments;
  • Prepare media and read plate counts daily;
  • Analyze materials (raw and finished) according to Standard Operating Procedures;
  • Conduct Quality Assurance analysis and prepare data reports that meet regulatory requirements; Collect and analyze experimental data; document findings, log information, and prepare weekly summary reports as required;
  • Perform Quality Assurance activities on mold and bacteria;
  • Conduct product and facility testing for microbials (fungus, molds, yeasts, etc.);
  • Maintain and operate lab equipment to ensure safety and efficiency;
  • Adhere to all safety protocols, Standard Operating Procedures and other lab regulations;
  • Assist in writing and revising Standard Operating Procedures where required;
  • Perform laboratory activities such as HPLC, testing and plate methods, mycotoxin analysis, microbial identification, testing and validation of methods, microscopic examinations and aseptic techniques; and
  • Perform other tasks and assignments as required by Senior Level Management.






  • Working knowledge of sterile culture techniques;
  • Good understanding of methods for identification of microbes and plant growth requirements;
  • Familiarity with various molecular techniques;
  • Understanding of cGMP concepts as they relate to laboratory operations;



  • Strong analytical and presentation skills;
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written;
  • Well-developed organizational skills, with ability to prioritize parallel projects;
  • Proficiency with a microscope and other standard laboratory equipment;
  • Strong computer skills; proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel;
  • Mechanical aptitude and manual dexterity;



  • Ability to develop, plan and conduct research experiments;
  • Ability to accurately interpret and document experimental findings;
  • Ability to use scientific literature to accurately, logically and clearly generate reports;
  • Ability to work in aseptic conditions and be exposed to potential allergens; and
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision.


Other Qualifications and Experience:

  • Degree in Microbiology or related science (plant biology, microbiology, fungal biology, biochemistry, as well as other relevant science courses included);
  • 1-year minimum experience in a biology lab setting;
  • Must have ability to travel between Lower Mainland office locations;
  • Experience in working with molecular techniques considered an asset; and
  • Previous experience working in indoor cultivation considered an asset;


Agrima Botanicals values a diverse workforce and encourages all interested applicants to apply.  Those candidates whose skills and qualifications fit the role requirements will be further considered and contacted.  Candidates chosen for employment will be required to undergo background and reference checks.


Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities with Agrima Botanicals!